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Hello and welcome to The Bridal Barn . Nestling in rural Staffordshire is the home of Jane and Steven retired from their 'proper' jobs and eager to venture into something fabulous and new , so was born the bridal barn . A

Unique and individual way to purchase a fabulous designer Wedding Gown at a fraction of the RRP  All New unworn and unaltered. No outlet Gowns or pre loved ,we believe that every Bride deserves a new designer Gown no matter what the budget so strive for the fantastic dress at an utterly amazing price no compromise .

So how does it all work?

Gowns are discontinued very quickly these days by many designers or some are just not working for that particular shop we take the stock in bulk at a reduced price and pass on the savings to you. All the Gowns are in the main sample Gowns from shops. Which may have been tried on and sometimes show signs of wear but it will be stated on site if we find flaws.

No overheads means lower prices always

When you decide what you would like to see /try on just contact and you will be given an appointment to suit you

without time constraints usually and all our brides get a VIP appointment without having to pay for the privilege!

You will have the appointment to yourself no other Brides wondering around or seeing what you chose and of course well behaved Mums and friends may want to come! All we ask is that for your safety and ours and comfort you bring a maximum of 3 people and NO children or babies, sorry we have had too many issues to explain the problems we had had with damage etc in the past 

We have no sales staff just Jane to fit and Hubby will bring out further dresses if required if your first picks aren't right .

There is absolutely never any pressure to buy and we don't have "if you buy today you'll get special discounts etc"

we are ALWAYS consistently fantastically priced well below competitors  

We check the dresses carefully for any damage/marks and get them repaired by our seamstress or cleaned where necessary occasionally we may miss a tiny flaw , but you can be sure it will not be a deal breaker!

Meet Some of the designers
Sottero & Midgley 
Maggie Sottero

Your extraordinary day calls for an extraordinary wedding gown. Turn up the drama with luxe fabrics, glamorous embellishments, and one-of-a-kind details from these couture collections.

They are inspired by modern romantics, big adventures, and happy surprises. Maggie Sottero aim to create graceful and enduring bridal looks with a fresh and couture aesthetic.


At Watters, luxurious fabrics, exquisite details, and flattering, feminine silhouettes are essential. They only do gorgeous!

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